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Common Questions About Hearing Aid Repair

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When you have invested a lot of time and effort with your audiologist into your hearing, you’re going to want to ensure that your hearing aids are working well for you. If you notice that you are going back for hearing aid repairs more and more, you may be wondering whether your hearing aids are working well for you anymore. Hearing aid repairs are one thing, but when you also hear people around you talking about the improvements made to hearing aids, you may be wondering whether your hearing aid repairs are necessary in the face of replacement. There are plenty of things that you can ask your audiologist about hearing aid repairs, though, and we’ve got some of the most common questions about hearing aid repairs that are asked every day.

Do My Hearing Aids Work Well?

There is a big difference between hearing aids that work, and hearing aids that work well. One of these means that they are adequate and the other means that they are exceptional. If your hearing aids are fitting you well, performing well and rarely need the bigger repairs, you may not need to replace them any time soon.

Hearing aids do need replacing from time to time, but if you can get away with general repairs, it’s often the way that people like to go. Most hearing aids last around five years and with daily wear and tear, continued exposure to wax, your hearing aids may not work as well as you had hoped. You can pay for regular maintenance but there are parts of the hearing aids that will still deteriorate over time. Visiting an audiologist for hearing aid repairs is a smart thing to do, but you need to know whether they are working well enough to avoid too many repairs in the first place.

Do My Hearing Aids Match My Hearing?

Sometimes, your hearing is the problem and not the hearing aid. When this happens, you may wonder whether you need to have new hearing aids instead of hearing aid repairs. Your audiologist can check the fit and determine whether there are any necessary changes to your hearing aids and if you’re still not hearing very well, you may be in need of a new hearing test. The hearing prescription you need can change and it’s easy to mistake the hearing aid itself being the problem when it is your hearing that is the issue!

Is There New Technology?

Hearing aids are medicine in miniature, and it makes sense to ask this question given the constant changes and upgrades to medical technology. The best of the best in medical tech can help to change your life but you have to have the right hearing aids that will give you an improved quality of life. There are so many advancements to hearing aid technology and these changes may be small ones but altogether, they can make a big difference to a lot of people.

A weekly battery change being stopped can change the life of someone who struggles to open those little doors. Others may benefit from the Bluetooth additions and the ability to buy waterproof hearing aids. Either way, these are technological advancements that are life changing.

When you are constantly paying for repairs, it may end up saving you money to buy brand new, technologically advanced hearing aids instead and your audiologist will talk you through this.

Is It More Expensive to Replace or Repair?

This will depend on the actual hearing aids that you’ve got and it will be something you should discuss with your audiologist. While there are some repairs that can be done with your audiologist, you may find that the larger repairs need to be sent to your manufacturer. When this happens, it can cost you more and if your hearing aids are needing more repairs lately, a replacement may be more cost effective. The cost is the major factor that will tell you whether you should replace your hearing aids, especially if your insurance is only going to cover you for one set of hearing aids every couple of years. Some insurance plans won't cover you at all, and so you have to be aware of this before you go ahead and choose to buy.

If you need to know whether you should replace or repair your hearing aids, speak to the experts at Gavin Audiology and Hearing Aids. Our team is more than happy to help you with your hearing aid questions, and you just have to call us today at 914-631-8777.