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Can a Hearing Aid Restore Hearing Completely?

an audiologist is fitting a patient with brand new hearing aids

Using a hearing aid is the most obvious form of treatment when it comes to hearing loss today. This is because surgical procedures and medical treatments are only helpful for approximately five percent of adults that have hearing loss. However, one thing a lot of people want to know is whether a hearing device is going to be able to completely restore their hearing. We will explain everything that you need to know about hearing devices and what they can do for you in terms of your hearing.

It is important to recognize that hearing aids have been designed to make sure that you can hear better. They are not designed in order to restore your hearing. Therefore, wearing a hearing aid does not repair your hearing. However, what a hearing aid can do is prevent the issue from getting worse, as well as ensuring you are able to hear better again. 

For some people, wearing a hearing aid is going to be able to make them hear as effectively as they were once able to. For others, this will not be the case, yet you are still going to notice massive improvements in your ability to hear with the right hearing device. This is because hearing loss impacts everyone differently, and so it is impossible to state just how much of a difference you will experience. Nevertheless, most people with hearing loss notice massive improvements with a hearing aid device. 

Understanding the use of hearing aids for hearing loss

It is vital to understand that hearing is a complicated process, which begins with the ears and then ends in the brain where the information is received. After which, it is stored and then it is decoded into something that we can comprehend. Therefore, when hearing devices are used in order to boost your hearing, your brain is suddenly able to register sounds that were lost before. Time is something that is going to be needed in order to adjust to the amplification

You are also going to need some patience and endurance as well. After all, you are basically going to be retraining your brain to focus on some sounds, filter other sounds out and interpret sounds. This is exactly what you had to do when your hearing was normal.

Hearing devices can enhance your ability to hear and communicate with other people. However, they are not going to be able to cure your hearing loss. It is just like prescription glasses do not cure your farsightedness or nearsightedness. Instead, they help you to manage the issue so that you can see better. Hearing devices are effective tools that aid you with managing the issue while also resulting in a much-improved quality of life. 

Why can’t my hearing be restored to normal with hearing aids?

You may be wondering why your hearing cannot be restored to normal with hearing devices. While hearing aids are able to restore the volume level to normal, the fact is that making sounds louder is not always going to supply your brain with enough of the right sort of information that it requires to restore your hearing to normal on a long-term basis. The brain is imperative in terms of receiving sound signals in a certain way that will trigger particular neural responses. The sounds must be intelligible to the brain. 

Part of the issue is that hearing loss does not only reduce your ability to hear but it also distorts the manner in which sounds are heard as well. By purely amplifying the sounds that the brain perceives as distorted, this is not always going to resolve the hearing issue fully. If the brain is not able to recognize the amplify the sounds that are coming through your hearing device, you are going to have issues understanding what you are hearing. 

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