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Patient Reviews

Went to have my hearing checked bc I found myself saying “what” over and over again. I decided to look for someone local and found this wonderful family practice. It is truly a joy in this day and age when you find real, honest, down to earth, intelligent doctors, and this is who I found in The Gavin’s. Every question was answered and detailed info was provided in such a caring and patient manner. I found the Gavin’s to be so kind, so thorough, and I was impressed because they have been practicing for so long, and yet are fully knowledgeable with the latest and greatest equipment. Keeping up with technology for us “older” people isn’t the easiest thing so this practice was and is quite impressive. Lastly, when you feel in your gut that people are just truly trustworthy, what more can you ask for. So, now I have hearing aids which are the easiest thing to adapt to and I can hear everything now! Nice to know such good and kind people!!

Betty M.

Since I had my hearing aids from Dr. Lowry my world is open to all that I love and missed before, and no more having to say, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you”. Now that’s history. The care and helping master the aids is due to Dr. Lowry, Thank you.

Susie W.

My husband and I were both examined and fitted for hearing aids by Dr. Gavin and Dr. Gavin Lowry. We both suffer from hearing loss. Mine, a combination of hereditary and aging and my husband aging, and probably listening to loud music. We were so pleased with the personalized friendly service we received from Dr. Gavin and Dr. Gavin Lowry. They explained the results of testing and what we should expect with our hearing aids. We found Dr. Gavin Lowry and Dr. Gavin to be friendly and professional.

Dana J.

I love you, Gavin Audiology and your entire staff because of your compassion, patience and professionalism. There are no words to express the quality of your expertise. I highly recommend you and your services to those who may wish to follow me and receive your expert care because they will receive the best audiology care ever. Until we meet again, I remain very thankful for your great care.

Alphonso P.