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Phonak Audeo Lumity

Phonak Audéo™ Lumity

Conversations shine with Lumity

Introducing Audéo Lumity with unique Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology for improved speech understanding.1 Fully immerse in conversations around you and enjoy easier hearing in many situations.1

Available in a range of colors

  • Improved speech understanding in noisy environments1
  • Reduced listening effort1
  • Universal connectivity to iOS®, Android™ and other Bluetooth® enabled devices
  • Waterproof* (Audéo LifeTM Lumity)
  • Health data tracking**
  • Personalized noise canceling
  • Access voice assistant apps with a tap

*up to 50cm **In order to access health data, it is necessary to create an account within myPhonak app

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Introducing Phonak Audéo™ Life – the world’s first waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid

Proven Paradise performance

Part of the Phonak Audéo Paradise family, Phonak Audéo Life delivers crisp, natural sound and is capable of being submerged in up to 1.64 feet of fresh water, salt water or pool water.

Audéo Life is the ideal solution for patients who put their hearing aids under more pressure in physically demanding environments or those looking for a hearing aid that will withstand strenuous activities.

Audéo Life highlights:

  • Waterproof*
  • Rechargeable
  • Unrivaled sound quality
  • Empowering smart apps
  • Universal connectivity to smartphones, TV, Roger and more
  • Multiple Bluetooth® connections
  • Tap Control for easy access to Bluetooth functionalities

Phonak Charger Case Go

The Phonak Charger Case Go is ideal for patients who want to charge their hearing aid on the move. This inductive charger is exclusively designed for Audéo Life. Featuring an internal battery, it can fully charge the hearing aids up to 3 times on a single charge and is easy to use.

Audéo Life has been extensively tested beyond the normal IP68 rating to withstand submersion in not just fresh water, but also salt water and pool water at depths of up to 50 cm or 1.64 feet.

Audéo Life allows you to interact confidently and fully participate in the activities you enjoy2.

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* up to 50 cm or 1.64 feet

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sonova AG is under license.

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Phonak Virto™ Paradise

Phonak Virto Paradise is a revolutionary hearing aid that does more than improve your sense of hearing — it restores your sense of wonder. Virto delivers an unrivaled* sound quality1 experience, enabling you to enjoy more of life’s wonders. Boost your inner confidence and overall well-being and feel empowered like never before. Afterall, there’s nothing like the sound of Paradise.

The human ear is a powerful thing. Virto P is custommade for your ears only and comes with a host of powerful features to keep you connected and thriving.


Unrivaled* sound quality1

Phonak Virto P delivers unrivaled* sound quality. It can distinguish between streamed speech and music for more joy of listening. With Virto P, we have developed a device that delivers not only crisp natural sound2 but also brilliant speech understanding.1,3

Universal connectivity

Phonak Virto P-312 provides universal connectivity which allows you to seamlessly stream audio content from numerous Bluetooth® enabled devices.

Hands-free calls

Virto P-312 allows you to enjoy hands-free calls. This means that your phone calls can be directly streamed from iOS®, Android or other Bluetooth enabled smartphones. Answer or reject calls with a simple push of the button, even if your phone is on the other side of the room.

  • Connects to smartphones, TV, Roger™ and more
  • Multiple Bluetooth connections
  • Easily switch between two paired devices with enhanced Bluetooth capabilities


Whether modern and black or discreet and durable, Virto P is designed specifically with you in mind.

*Compared to Phonak Audéo Marvel

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Phonak Audéo™ Paradise

There's nothing like the sound of Paradise

Hearing is regarded as something we naturally do. The ability to hear is such an intricate part of our existence and fundamental for our overall well-being. What better way to rediscover sound than with a hearing aid inspired by nature itself. After all, there’s nothing like the sound of Paradise.

A hearing aid that delivers an unrivaled hearing experience:

  • Crisp natural sound
  • Brilliant speech understanding
  • Personalized noise canceling
  • Voice assistant access with a tap
  • Connects to smartphones, TV and more
  • Empowering smart apps
Phonak Bolero™ Marvel

Phonak Bolero Marvel

Phonak Bolero for mild to severe hearing loss combines maximum reliability and robustness with a clear, rich sound experience and multi-functionality.

Clear, rich sound

Enjoy better speech understanding in noise, less listening effort and be amazed at how well your hearing aids perform from the first fit and every time you wear them.

Connects to smartphones, TV and more

Phonak Bolero Marvel hearing aids connect directly to either your iOS or Android smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. Use them for hands-free calls, listening to TV, music, e-books, podcasts and so much more.


Available with powerful rechargeable technology, Marvel hearing aids are easy to use, quick to charge and offer a full day of hearing including streaming.

Phonak Roger Pen

Phonak Virto P-Titanium

Designed to fit specifically to your ear, Virto Paradise Titanium is the 3rd generation of the world’s first hearing aid made from titanium with a 15x stronger shell than acrylic. So discreet, others will barely notice it.

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CROS P is a Paradise solution for unilateral hearing loss

CROS transmits sound and voices from one side to the other, so your hearing ear can hear for both ears. When CROS P is fit with a Phonak Audéo™ Paradise hearing aid, it helps people with unilateral hearing loss to hear speech clearly and follow conversations from all directions.

Benefits of CROS devices:

  • Follow conversations in quiet and noisy surroundings without having to reposition yourself
  • Hear speech from the side with hearing loss better even when in noise
  • Gain greater awareness of sounds from the side with hearing loss

CROS P features:

  • Designed specifically for unilateral hearing loss
  • Proven Paradise performance
  • Universal connectivity to smartphones, TV, Roger™ microphones and more
  • Hands-free phone calls with own voice pick-up
  • Easy to use
  • Two models to choose from: rechargeable and a replaceable zinc-air battery

Wireless Accessories

Phonak Roger Pen

Phonak PartnerMic™ is a discreet and easy-to-use microphone optimal for one-to-one conversations in noisy environments. Attach it anywhere onto your partners shirt, blouse or jacket without having to worry about the positioning. Thanks to Phonak AirStream™ technology, speech is streamed to your Marvel hearing aids without an additional device.

Phonak Roger EasyPen

The Phonak RemoteControl is an easy and very discreet way to control your Phonak hearing aids.

Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic

Roger Select™ is specifically designed to help boost your hearing performance and allow you to hear regardless of where a voice is coming from to keep you at the heart of the conversation.

Phonak Phonak DECT

Roger Table Mic II is a microphone dedicated for working adults who participate in various meetings. It selects the person who’s talking and switches automatically between the meeting participants.

Phonak Phonak EasyCall

The TV Connector is a simple plug and play interface to TV’s and other audio sources, supporting the direct connectivity of Phonak Audéo Marvel and Audéo B-Direct hearing aids. It is designed to simplify the setup and usage. It’s just like using wireless headphones. 

Phonak ComPilot Air

Roger Pen is a versatile wireless microphone that reduces loud background noise and transfers the clear sound of the voice you want to hear directly to your hearing aids.

myPhonak app 


The myPhonak app offers you remote control functionality like volume change and program adjustment. It also provides enhanced functionality with the ability to customize and personalize the sounds of your hearing programs to suit your listening needs. Based on the connected hearing aid, you can access status information like state of the battery charge, wearing time and more.

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