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Hearing Test

At Gavin Audiology and Hearing Aids, our family cares for your family. You are always treated by a licensed clinical audiologist who holds a Doctor of Audiology degree. If you’ve failed a hearing screening, it’s time to see us for a complete diagnostic evaluation. These tests will identify the type and degree of hearing loss that may be present. This information when combined with your lifestyle and concerns regarding cosmetics and budget allows us to recommend a personal hearing solution for you.

What happens during testing?

Your hearing evaluation will measure your hearing sensitivity for air and bone conducted sounds, word recognition ability and determine how your middle ear is functioning. Only the latest technology is used to identify the level and nature of your hearing loss

On infants, we perform otoacoustic emissions evaluations to identify their hearing loss or help to determine cochlear function in adults. We test hearing for people of all ages. 

If you experience hearing loss that doesn’t present on a standard audiogram, our hearing professionals will conduct high-frequency hearing tests to diagnose and monitor very high-frequency hearing loss. 

Speech in noise testing identifies the unique difficulties you may experience when trying to hear speech embedded in noise. This test evaluates your speech in noise ability in comparison to those with normal hearing. 

Interpreting the tests

At the conclusion of testing, we’ll review the results with you. Each ear is tested individually, and the test results are plotted on an audiogram. You’ll get a complete explanation of the type and degree of hearing loss you have. We’ll discuss your lifestyle to determine the situations where you need to hear better, any physical limitations you might have, budget and cosmetic concerns. Please allow at least an hour for testing, reviewing the results and our recommendations.